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Jul 22, 2012 4:01pm EDT
democracy in america, it talks about when congress gets the point where it can drive the public by using the public treasury, this is what you have. you have this exorbitant growth of the federal government. we are promising more and more largess to the american people. how does that work out? how did it work for greece or italy or ireland or spain? i know we are on c-span right now. this is the question you should always posed to liberals. where has what you believe in ever been successful in the world? [applause] >> who has got a mike? >> thank you for being here. could you give us some insight i believe it was last year, president obama had met with jewish leaders behind closed doors at the white house. could you give us some insight as far as what you think whether or obama's support for israel is one of the biggest things? >> i don't speculate. as president of the united states of america, how many times has he been to israel? how many times has he been to give major speeches in islamic countries? in turkey and in cairo. i think that you see what the ramifications thereof. that is w
Jul 22, 2012 3:41pm EDT
that take effect in january if congress does not further reduce the deficit. representing bachmann use a portion of her speech to accuse the obama administration of allowing an egyptian politician into the u.s. who allegedly has ties to a designated terrorist group. this is one hour, 10 minutes. >> i think this is the biggest and the best collegiate summit we have ever had. we have about 100 colleges represented here. my plan is to have all the speakers keep their speech to 15 minutes so that we can have 15 minutes of q&a. i want to bring interactive the best be interactive and bring you into it as much as possible. we have a rule of one press questions. you can ask a question if you can -- one-breath questions. it is more fun if we have a lot of questions the questions will be short and the responses will be short. we want everybody here to be a part of the program. i am impressive that we have guides here in the best guys here in coats and ties. eagle forum has made a place for itself in -- on the american political scene. i hope you will like it and be part of an be active so that w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2